The Blended Beauty Co. Top Up Face Oil


Can be used top up your Facial Scrub jar or use as a beautiful light moisturiser between scrubs. Great for cuticles and to strengthen nails this combination of oils is designed for maximum moisture absorption into your skin.

Our signature blend oil designed to top up your face scrubs and make them last longer!

Our Signature Blends provide the highest quality for the environmentally conscious.
The Blended Beauty Co. sources its ingredients to give you an all-natural skincare routine. Note our special formulations and unique blends in every product.
Take care of your skin with natural ingredients. The Blended Beauty Co. considers all skin types, and we never water our products down.
Our signature blends formerly know as Nana Mays Skincare, were one of the first brands  focused on all-natural mixes to give you the best possible quality.


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