Tks Fibre Lash Extender Mascara


TK’s Fibre Lash Extender gives you the dramatic effect of extensions without damaging your lashes. The high quality Transplanting Gel gives your lashes length while the Fibres attach to your lashes to give them volume. These two products are applied in three simple steps and will add a volume of up to 600%. It’s sweat, smudge and cry proof, yet melts off with warm water.

Up to 300% more volume and length in under 2 minutes
Fibres do not flake or fall off
Sets with a natural lift, lasting all day
Semi-permanent – NO more panda eyes
Over 100 applications per kit
High quality natural ingredients replenish lashes
Three year shelf life
No Parabens
Extending Fibres – 100% Natural Green Tea Fibres @ 3 grams net weight.

Based on natural ingredients, the kit includes a tube of transplanting gel and a tube of black brush black fibres. Apply using a simple three step process.

Apply generous coat of the transplanting gel, then 5-10 strokes of the fibres. Final step seal fibres with another coat of the transplanting gel. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for more length and volume.

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